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We bring people together by giving them a space to organise groups and events, without irrelevant content

Our values

We set out to improve mental health and data transparency for young people, as an alternative to traditional big tech


At its core Lounge is a community platform that seeks to bring people together for groups and events. We exist to make gathering easier, more enjoyable and more memorable.

No noise, no content rabbit holes, no mindless scrolling. Lounge is made up of clean and thoughtful features that enhance your connections with other people and keep your screen time to a minimum.


Gathering is fun. People should enjoy using Lounge. We aim to ensure users not only enjoy the events they organise through the app, but the process of organising them too.


Lounge adds genuine value to people’s lives. We listen to our users, take on their feedback and develop new features accordingly.

We are user first

Our product is the core of our business. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring we create the best possible experience for the people that use Lounge.

There is a global mental health crisis that traditional social media has contributed to. And in contrast to traditional social, we genuinely care about the mental health and privacy of our users and we design accordingly. Lounge takes the best things about technology and uses them to improve, not exploit, the lives of our users.

Putting our user’s first is our top priority.


London based

We are a London-based team of people dedicated to making a positive difference.

Our founders Jack & Wulfie are both passionate about privacy and mental health - and in 2021 Jack swam the English Channel raising over $250,000 for depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Join us in making positive change

We’re a group of innovators that understand the importance of having fun and are passionate about mental health.


We’re building a new way to help you build and organise communities and are always looking for curious minds to join our team.

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